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Fan Ho is one of Asia’s most beloved street photographers, capturing the spirit of Hong Kong in the 1950s and 60s. His work shows a love of people combined with unexpected, geometric constructions and a sense of drama heightened by use of smoke and light. More
Approaching Shadow, 1954. Photo: Fan Ho/AO Vertical Art Space

Mr. and Mrs. Hahn (Micah Hahn and Saskia Wilson-Brown), No. 28 (2014) 5318008 (2014). Foil on paper, 11 inches x 17 inches, Edition of 1. Courtesy the artists and Klowden Mann.

Toggle Light Switch Plate by GreenTreeJewelry on Etsy

Queen Street ViaductThe bridge is at least the third bridge over the Don River at this location, the first operated by the Scadding family in the early 1800s (One of the early bridges was a wooden bridge built in 1803.) The previous bridges were closer to the level of the river bank below.
The current steel Truss bridge was built in 1911. It was higher in elevation than previous bridges at the location and streets on each side of the river were graded higher to meet the level of the bridge. The construction of this bridge eliminated a grade-level railway crossing on the west bank of the river.
The bridge was renovated in the 1990s and public art was added. At the top of the western side of the bridge is a piece of public art created in 1996 by Eldon Garnet. It consisted of a clock, which ceased to work and the mechanism and hands were removed in 2010, with the phrase “this river I step in is not the river I stand in” written in large letters. There are also three metal “banners.” — Wikipedia


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